Website Best Before Dates Policy

At British Food Company we love fresh food, but sometimes a long journey from Britain to Brisbane can mean that some products might not have as longer best before date as they once had.

Food manufacturers use 'Best Before' dates to indicate when the quality will likely cease to be its best. Because most of our products are processed and pre-packaged foods, they are still edible for weeks and even months after the 'Best before' date has passed. Please note that this is very different from an 'Expiry Date' which is used for dairy and meat which we don't import.

British Food Company will never send out products that are unfit for consumption. When a product is near or past its 'Best Before' date, our staff check the batch to make sure it's still okay to eat.

Sometimes when products are past their 'Best Before' date we will likely discount them, meaning that you can get great British products for a great price! Some products such as crisps, carbonated drinks and a few other items arrive in with short dates, so we don't discount them, however, they're still great tasting and ready to be eaten!

Should you not wish to receive product where the best before date has passed please advise us in the special instructions part on the checkout page.

If you would like to obtain more information regarding ‘Best Before’ use by dates please access the following link.

We look forward to supplying you the best food from Britain.